Completing a Thesis

The Research and Theses Centre of the SCRV (Joint Research and Valorisation Department) welcomes and undertakes the follow-up administration of doctoral students up to their defence.
In particular, it manages registration procedures including exemptions, re-registration, thesis pre-defence and defence procedures.

After obtaining your postgraduate qualification, typically a Research Masters, and in order to be eligible to register, you will have to find a teacher who is Accredited to Supervise Research (HDR) and a member of the Doctoral School that interests you, to supervise your work.

Students who wish to find out whether the proposed subject is already the subject of research may consult the Fichier Central de Nanterre which compiles information on all current research projects in France.

Finally, we ask you to consider the funding of your thesis.


As soon as this stage is completed, you may proceed to the actual registration procedure.


Réglementation nationale et textes spécifiques à l'Université

  • Le Ministère a diffusé une note sous forme de ‘Frequently Asked Questions‘ précisant certains points relatifs à l’application de l’arrêté (janvier 2017), consultable en cliquant sur le lien.
  • Le D.S.R.A. : texte réglementant le Diplôme Supérieur de Recherches Appliquées adopté par le Conseil Scientifique du 13.03.1986 et le Conseil d'Université du 19.03.1986. Cliquer sur le lien pour plus d'information.