International Policy

Paris-Dauphine University has already signed several agreements with Georgia State University, Insead, the University of Vienna, Humboldt University (Berlin), and the University of Lugano (Italy), with a view to facilitating international scientific collaboration.
Insead - Fontainebleau, France: Paris-Dauphine University and Insead cooperate with the aim of developing the preparation of management science theses within the framework of the Edogest PhD programme. The purpose is to:
•    Reinforce the training of Doctors of Management Science
•    Endow management research works with greater international visibility
•    Give management science PhD students access to a  large pool of academic competences
•    Favour the employment of Doctors of Management Science both in France and abroad.
Georgia State University - Atlanta, U.S.: In 2005, Paris-Dauphine University and Georgia State University signed a partnership agreement enabling their students enrolled on and selected for the management science PhD programme to obtain a double “Doctorat-PhD” diploma. French PhD students who wish to join this programme are required to enrol two semesters at least at GSU, when the prescribed stay of American PhD students at Paris-Dauphine University is of one semester only. These two universities collaborate as well through the regular intervention of GSU lecturers in the Paris-Dauphine 2nd-year Master’s courses. The purpose of this partnership is to:
•    Enhance the influence exerted internationally by Paris-Dauphine University and French management science research
•    Provide PhD students with sound training thanks to the variety of theoretical and methodological training courses offered by both universities
•    Allow PhD students to envisage a career in France or abroad
•    Increase the number of scientific partnerships (e.g. joint research programmes, publications in conferences and international journals)
•    Encourage the multidisciplinarity of research conducted by both universities.
Vienna - Berlin: In 2007, Paris-Dauphine University, the University of Vienna (Wien Universität), and Humboldt University (Berlin) entered into partnership in order to pool their doctoral training resources in marketing. The professors of all three institutions (Lutz Hildebrandt, Christian Schade, Udo Wagner, Denis Darpy, Pierre Volle, Denis Guiot) organise regular advanced methodology and research work monitoring seminars in each city for marketing PhD students. They form a homogeneous group and thus pave the way for multiple networking possibilities. This training comes within the scope of the Edogest PhD programme arrangements. It is open to all 2nd and 3rd-year marketing PhD students. Some theses may also be granted joint supervision.